Photo on aluminum? Sounds interesting. Where can it be used?

Photo on aluminum? Sounds interesting. Where can it be used?

First of all, fast and qualitative technology of printing on aluminum is necessary in industry. Technical nameplates, information signboards, mnemonic schemes and faceplates -this is not a full list of what printing on aluminum gives to production.

Photo on aluminum pop art

Requisite details posted on the faceplates (logo, phone number, web address, e-mail) additionally advertise your products. Our printing on aluminum produces images, lettering –basically, any images of big size and in micro version without loss of quality! Involving the use of micro lettering, you will be able to protect your products from forgeries. And it is only part of the story! Once you place a color label on the faceplate, you will get beautiful and memorable products. Printing on aluminum is also widely used in promotional products. Qualitatively made business cards on aluminum outstrip significantly their “paper friends” on production characteristics. Original VIP business cards made on anodized aluminum promote their owner to the category of people of substance. Printing on aluminum is indispensable for the manufacture of merit certificates, memorable and greeting cards. Wide range of colors and different textures of aluminum allows people to get images of suitable quality.

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inspirations photo on aluminium

Photo on aluminum large format is a stylish, modern and most durable material for printing of large format photographs. The plate is a 3 mm thick three-layer design. Despite the three-layer structure, this lightweight plate does not change the shape and is highly resistant to external influences. The photo will be resistant to discoloring for more than 200 years. If you want to design your salon or office to add spice to the corporate style of the room, or make a present to a friend or loved one of surprising souvenir, then print on aluminum to your taste. Discover now on